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Service Coordination

RULE 12 CCR 2509-10




A.  A Community Centered Board shall provide service coordination for each infant and toddler from the date of the referral through transition at three (3) years of age, exit from early intervention services, or a determination of ineligibility, whichever occurs first.

B.  A service coordinator shall:

1.  Meet personnel standards as defined by the Department and those of the hiring agency; and,

2.  Complete the following:

a.  Required service coordination online orientation training modules within one (1) month of employment as a service coordinator; and,

b.  All introductory training required by the Department on the service coordination core competency requirements and the development and implementation of an Individualized Family Service Plan within one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days of employment as a service coordinator; and,

c.  Document all completed training in the Early Intervention Provider Database.

3.  Inform a parent of his or her rights and procedural safeguards, and how to exercise them as defined in Section 7.980; and,

4.  Ensure that required information for each child referred for early intervention services is provided for entry into the statewide database in accordance with reporting requirements of the Department; and,

5.  Coordinate with local administrative units and other appropriate providers to ensure the completion of a child's evaluation and assessment and ensure compliance with all parts of the requirements of Section 7.920; and,

6.  Facilitate and participate in the development, review and evaluation of Individualized Family Service Plans; and,

7.  Make referrals to providers for early intervention services authorized in an Individualized Family Service Plan, assist with scheduling appointments, ensure initiation within twenty-eight (28) calendar days of written parent consent for early intervention services, and coordinate, facilitate and monitor the delivery of early intervention services; and,

8.  Ensure that a parent is informed of the coordinated system of payment funding hierarchy and no-cost protections for families, and ensure appropriate use of all available funding for early intervention services; and,

9.  Coordinate the provision of medical and other services, such as educational and social, that the child or family needs or is receiving through other sources; and,

10.  Inform a parent of available advocacy services; and,

11.  Facilitate development of the transition to preschool special education services or other services for a toddler approaching three (3) years of age;

12.  Assist a parent with dispute resolution regarding early intervention services, if needed; and,

13.  Maintain at least monthly contact with a parent whose child is enrolled in early intervention services, including written, electronic, or phone communication, and shall document the contact in the child's record.


PROCEDURES - Service Coordination

A.  Community Centered Boards are the only qualified providers for service coordination, including Targeted Case Management services, for infants and toddlers enrolled in early intervention services.

B.  Personnel hired by the community centered board to provide service coordination shall meet at least one (1) of the following standards:

1.  A bachelor's level degree of education; or,

2.  Five years of experience in the field of developmental disabilities; or,

3.  Some combination of education and experience appropriate to the requirements of the position.

C.  A Community Centered Board may require additional experience or education level.


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