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General Supervision and Monitoring

RULE 12 CCR 2509-10




A.  Monitoring activities shall ensure compliance with Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act as well as with state statutes and rules and shall include the following:

1.  Self-assessment procedures; and,

2.  Examination of program data; and,

3.  Special analysis; and,

4.  On-site reviews; and,

5.  Any other methods as determined by the Department.

B.  The results of monitoring shall be publicly reported on the Early Intervention Colorado website and submitted to state and federal entities, as needed.

C.  A Community Centered Board shall have an Early Intervention Coordinator who shall complete required training, as defined by the department and is:

1.  Knowledgeable of early intervention services and federal and state requirements; and,

2.  The liaison to the Department regarding the early intervention program; and,

3.  Responsible for the local implementation of a comprehensive and coordinated system of early intervention services; and,

4.  The contact for families regarding procedural safeguards.

D.  A Community Centered Board shall maintain:

1.  A complete file of all early intervention records, documents, communications, and other written and/or electronic materials which pertain to the operation of an early intervention program or the delivery of early intervention services; and,

2.  Such records for a period of six (6) years after the date of closure of the record or for such further periods as may be necessary to resolve any matters that may be pending.

E.  The following information shall be maintained for each child's record:

1.  Log of access; and,

2.  Referral information; and,

3.  Parent consent to evaluate; and,

4.  Parent consent to use private health insurance or Medicaid; and,

5.  Prior notice documentation; and,

6.  Parent consent to share information; and,

7.  Individualized Family Service Plans; and,

8.  Progress and assessment reports, including child outcomes measurement information; and,

9.  Case notes; and,

10.  All correspondence related to a child and family; and,

11.  Fiscal records, including documentation of early intervention service provision by qualified providers; and,

12.  Any medical documentation related to the diagnosis or medical condition of the referred child, including history and services.

F.  A Community Centered Board shall permit the state, federal government, or any other duly authorized agent of a governmental agency to audit, inspect, examine, excerpt, copy, and/or transcribe records during the term of a contract for early intervention services and for a period of six (6) years following termination of the contract or final payment hereunder, whichever is later, to assure compliance with federal regulations and/or state statutes and rules or to evaluate an early intervention program's performance.


PROCEDURE - General Supervision and Monitoring


A Community Centered Board or other Certified Early Intervention Service Broker shall adhere to the Fiscal Management and Accountability Procedures.


Other General Supervision and Monitoring Documents

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