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System Coordination

RULE 12 CCR 2509-10




A.  Local Interagency Coordinating Council

1.  Each Community Centered Board shall have a Local Interagency Coordinating Council that meets at least quarterly to assure that federal, state, local and private resources are well-coordinated in local communities to assist families to meet the needs of their infants or toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities.

2.  Membership of a Local Interagency Coordinating Council shall include, at a minimum:

a.  At least one (1) member who is a parent with a child twelve (12) years of age or younger and at least one (1) member who is a parent of a child six (6) years of age or younger, both of whom have knowledge of, or experience with, early intervention services; and,

b.  A representative of a local education agency an administrative unit; and,

c.  A representative of a county department of public health; and,

d.  A representative of a county department of social/human services; and,

e.  Members who are public or private providers of early intervention services; and,

f.  Other members of the community at large who are interested in early intervention services or are involved in the provision of, or payment for, early intervention services.

3.  The purpose of a Local Interagency Coordinating Council is to advise a Community Centered Board regarding:

a.  The planning, delivery, and evaluation of early intervention services, including methods to identify and correct gaps in services; and,

b.  The coordination of services and funding resources; and,

c.  The collection and use of child and family outcomes and program data to inform early intervention policies and practices within the designated service area.

B.  Interagency Operating Agreements

1.  Each Community Centered Board or other Certified Early Intervention Service Broker, as defined in Section 7.913, shall, at a minimum, establish and maintain the following interagency operating agreements:

a.  Administrative unit agreements that include responsibilities for Child Find and transition activities, and assisting in the development and implementation of the statewide plan in accordance with Section 27-10.5-704, C.R.S., which is incorporated by reference as defined in Section 7.900, A, 1; and,

b.  County departments of social/human services agreements that include responsibilities for referrals under the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act, as amended by P.L. 111-320, for a child who is less than three (3) years of age who is involved in a substantiated case of child abuse or neglect or is identified as affected by illegal substance abuse, or withdrawal symptoms resulting from prenatal drug exposure; and,

c.  Early Head Start Program agreements that include responsibilities for the coordination of available services and avoidance of duplication of effort for children enrolled in Early Head Start and early intervention services; and,

d.  Other local agency agreements, as needed, that are involved with early intervention services that specify the responsibilities of each agency.

2.  A Community Centered Board shall ensure that interagency operating agreements are signed by parties with the authority to carry out the responsibilities of the specific agencies or programs. The interagency operating agreements are reviewed annually and updated as needed.


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