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Fiscal Management

RULE 12 CCR 2509-10




A.  A Community Centered Board or Certified Early Intervention Service Broker, as defined in Section 7.913, shall:

1.  Only purchase early intervention services from providers that meet the qualifications as defined by the Department; and,

2.  Establish and maintain necessary cost accounting systems according to general accounting principles to properly record, and allocate separately, the revenue and expenses for federal Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education funds, state-funded early intervention services, Medicaid funds and private health insurance funds that are billed through the Community Centered Board, local funds, and other funds used for the purchase of early intervention services; and,

3.  Ensure that Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act funds are:

a.  Used only as payor of last resort;

b.  May be used to reimburse a parent for copayments and deductibles for EI services documented on his or her child's IFSP; and,

c.  For purposes of accounting, not commingled with any other funds received.

4.  Track expenditures for each funding source for service coordination, direct services, management fee and any other expense line item as defined by the Department.

5.  Notify the Department of any proposed change of reimbursement rates for any early intervention service at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the use of such rates.  All rates must be computed using the methodology determined by the department.

B.  The maximum reimbursement rate for any early intervention service shall be subject to restriction by the Department.


PROCEDURE - Fiscal Management


A Community Centered Board or other Certified Early Intervention Service Broker shall adhere to the Fiscal Management and Accountability Procedures.


Other Fiscal Management Documents

"Fiscal Management and Accountability Procedures" (Appendix D)

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