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Outcome Measures

RULE 12 CCR 2509-10




The Early Intervention Program, pursuant to 20 U.S.C. 1416(a) and 1442, which is incorporated by reference as defined in Section 7.900, A, 4, shall collect and report data on the progress made by children and families receiving early intervention services.


A.  A Community Centered Board shall participate in the state program to measure child outcomes and shall ensure that each eligible child who receives early intervention services for six (6) months or longer receives a child outcomes rating that is determined utilizing information gathered through:

1.  Family interview; and,

2.  Professional observation; and,

3.  Utilization of an appropriate assessment instrument to measure child outcomes as defined by the Department.

B.    Required timelines

1.  An entry rating shall be determined as soon as a baseline can be accurately established, but no later than sixteen (16) weeks from the date of referral for early intervention services for an eligible child, unless a child is younger than six (6) months of age. If the child is less than six (6) months of age at the time of referral, the first measurement shall occur once a child has reached the age of six (6) months; and,

2.  An exit rating shall be finalized no more than ninety (90) calendar days prior to the child's exit from early intervention services or the child's third (3rd) birthday, whichever occurs first. An exit rating is not required for a child who has been in early intervention services for less than six (6) months. 

C.  A Community Centered Board shall ensure that all staff and contractors who are responsible for documenting and reporting child outcomes progress data are trained in the methods required by the Department and participate in required technical assistance activities.

D.  Child outcomes shall measure the percent of infants and toddlers with an Individualized Family Service Plan, who:

1.  Have positive social emotional skills (including social relationships); and,

2.  Acquire and use knowledge and skills (including early language/communication); and,

3.  Use appropriate behaviors to meet their needs.


A.  A Community Centered Board shall participate in statewide distribution and collection of family outcomes measurements.

B.  A family outcomes survey shall be distributed to each parent who has a child who is participating in early intervention services for at least six (6) months.

C.  Family outcomes shall measure the percent of families who have a child participating in early intervention services for at least six (6) months who report that early intervention services have helped the family:

1.  Know their rights; and,                                              

2.  Effectively communicate their child's needs; and,

3.  Help their child develop and learn.


Other Child and Family Outcomes Measurements Documents

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Procedures - Child and Family Outcomes

A.  Determine an entry rating and enter in the designated state data system for child outcomes summary ratings for:

1.  Children who are at least 6 months of age

A)  a COS rating is determined as soon as possible when the child reaches the age of 6 months

B) for children who are born prematurely, age is not adjusted for a cos rating

2.  Children who move into Colorado from another state 

3.  Children who receive at least one EI service

B.  Do not determine an initial rating for:

1.  Children who are not eligible for early intervention

2.  Children whose initial IFSP is completed less than 6 months prior to their third birthday 

3.  Children who transfer from another CCB where an initial rating was already determined

C.  Determine an exit rating and enter in the -designated state data system for child outcomes summary ratings  for:

1.  Children who have been in early intervention services for at least 6 months

A)  calculation of time in services begins from the initial IFSP date

2.  Children who leave early intervention services for any reason, not just turning three 

D.  Do not determine an exit rating for:

1.  Children who do not have an entry rating

2.  Children who have left early intervention services suddenly, and a rating cannot be completed with the family 

E.  To determine a rating:

1.  Consider the child's functioning across settings and situations

2.  Understand age-expected child development

3.  Understand the content of the three child outcomes

4.  Know how to use the rating scale

5.  Understand age expectations for child functioning within the child's culture

F.  The decision tree is a required tool for determining a rating and should be used each time a rating is conducted

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