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Welcome to the Make a Referral section.

What can I expect after the referral is made?

Once a referral is received by the Community Centered Board, a referral status update form will be sent to confirm the receipt of the referral, including the name and contact information for the assigned service coordinator.

During the initial visit with the family, the service coordinator will try to obtain permission from the family to send additional information using the referral status update form to the primary physician and referral source. With appropriate authorization to release information from the parent or legal guardian, the Community Centered Board will share the following information with the physician and referral source:

Eligibility Determination an indication that the child was or was not eligible for early intervention services. Evaluation Results includes assessment results and findings, assessment reports, and diagnostic results. Intervention includes information about available services, treatment options, and IFSP plans. Progress Reports includes information on child progress, feedback on type and frequency of service provision, and changes in service provision. Physician Involvement includes coordination of child services, joint follow-up communication, and face-to face visits by the practitioner in the physician's office.

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